Easy Paleo Recipes Ideas

aleo diet advocates suggest that people can keep sickness and obesity at bay by resorting to Paleo diet. This is a diet lifestyle patterned after the way our progenitors ate. Our forefathers gathered and hunted their foods and never ate processed foods that have become the norm in present society. This diet pattern bans the consumption of certain foods such as dairy products, beans, some types of legumes, potatoes, sodium and more. On the other hand, the Paleo diet supports fruit/vegetable-rich foods – virtually all roots and vegetables with the exception of apple (cultivated in advanced agricultural manner). There are tons of easy Paleo recipes ideas that you can adopt.

Egg Meals

Luckily, eggs are in the top list of foods supported by the Paleo diet. There are tons of easy foods and meals that you can come up with using eggs. Experiment with different varieties of omelets and pancakes as you introduce them in your breakfast and lunch, as long as you keep the meals Paleo-friendly. It simply means that you need to ensure that the ingredients and the manner of preparation are in line with Paleo diet rules. Egg meals are among the easiest and fastest to prepare.


Nuts are easy Paleo recipes. In fact, they are much easier since you don’t have to go through the rigors of preparing ingredients and cooking meals. Crunchy nuts are great Paleo snack ideas. However, some nuts are not in the list of Paleo-friendly nuts; they include peanuts and cashew nuts.


Add more varieties to your Paleo meals by including wide varieties of soups in your Paleo meal plan. Just ensure that all your ingredients are the types that are recommended in the Paleo diet.

Also, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to get more from your Paleo diet. Interestingly, there are tons of other easy Paleo recipes ideas to make your Paleo dietary lifestyle exciting.